Blackberry address book not updating

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply instruct them to reply to the message?

Hotmail is owned by Microsoft and has for free from any computer connected to the Internet.

Send this within left, if you would like to close your account, then do not send this message out, if you would like to keep your account, then send this message to everyone on your list.

Please forward this email so that we know you are still using this account. Some of my friends have already gotten deleted and you aren’t allowed to send it back to the person who sent this email to you!!!If you don’t believe Me, go on to (com) and see it yourself. I don’t know if you have noticed, but many times when you try to access a page it will say, Server Busy.Don’t forward this message, But copy and paste it so that people will actually read it. Because of this I will be deleting people’s myspaces if you do not repost this. With all the fines and licences, Tom has become in Debt. If over 100,000 people repost it he will renew the contract. So please repost members, we will delete your account. We want to find out which users are actually using their Myspace accounts.If you dont believe me go on (com) and see it yourself.Dont foward this message copy paste it so people will actually read it people from your list, your little MSN Icon will turn blue and that will make it free for you. I wanted to inform all of you that I will be deleting thousands of myspaces next week.

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